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In addition to THC and CBD products, CanIDeal serves as a B2B supply platform for ancillary products

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"CanIDeal is taking the right steps to build a durable platform that will service vendors and retailers for years to come."

Dave Daily

CEO & Founder of Grav Labs

What can CanIDeal do for you?


Provides sellers with the necessary tools and resources to conduct and grow their businesses online

Geo-Fenced Security

Every THC transaction on CanIDeal is fully protected and within individual, legal-state lines

Inventory Management

Virtually track your inventory and orders from checkout to delivery

Rating System

Get noticed by retailers searching for new products and build credibility with CanIDeal’s rating system

Free Upload

Simply send your inventory information to a CanIDeal representative, and we’ll set up your product page for you, free of charge


Gain significant exposure to retailers by creating a CanIDeal account and selling your inventory online. Sign up now and, for a limited time only, have a representative set up your product page for free!

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Are you in the market for THC, CBD or ancillary products? Secure a spot in our system while we develop the buyer side of CanIDeal’s software.

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Who is aboard the CanIDeal train?

Industry Knowledge Network

CanIDeal is facilitating the transfer of knowledge and materials in a completely unprecedented way for the cannabis industry.

Create an account to benefit from the first ever, B2B eCommerce platform for THC, CBD and ancillary products

If a baker wants to get involved in the edibles market, where are they going to find the right type of plant and quantity for their recipe? CanIDeal is the digital solution bridging the gap for new entrants and business owners.

We serve as an industry-knowledge hub and B2B platform for entrepreneurs looking to prosper in the rapidly expanding cannabis market.

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